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Our Story

Anne-Lise Bollaert-Davies has extensive experience in the business, government and non-profit sectors. Through her 20+ years in the workplace, she has honed her natural strengths and management skills. She has a great ability to think strategically and communicate simply. She is insightful and a keen listener. At once direct and yet gentle. Being a both a leader with a servant heart, it was a natural progression for Anne-Lise to move from management and into management support, in 2021. 

Every business owner and manager can benefit from having someone in their corner. Someone who gets them. Someone who can be a sounding board, or be the person who helps gets things done. This is why BDI Management was born.

BDI Management is the team that journeys with you in your business. We bring essential skills into your business. Often, these are skills that we have in-house. At other times, we source skills to support you. We identify the skills needed. We manage the resources. We help you get the job done.

When you work with BDI Management, you only need to deal with one person and you get access to a myriad of extra support. All for far less than it would have cost you to hire full time staff.

So BDI Management was born.

To be part of your business journey. To be an extension to your team. To expand your skills base, without all the hassles that go with employing more staff.

What We Do

Today’s businesses exist both online and offline. In the virtual, word- and image-driven world. And in the tangible, human and time-bound world. BDI Management helps you to bridge these two worlds by providing an essential mix of services.

Writing is my superpower
Government liaison

Communication and Writing

Convey your professionalism, passion and product through compelling copy.

  • Copy writing and content development for your website and social media
  • Blog posts
  • Business plans
  • Funding proposals
  • Annual reports
  • Workplace policies
Business Coaching

Through BDI Management Coaching, we help business owners solve problems and improve performance.

Our coaching programme is offered in partnership with ThinkSayDo.biz

  • Coaching for new business start-ups
  • Executive coaching for business owners and decision makers
  • Life change coaching
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Group coaching
Performance Enhancing Strategies

Every business exists to succeed. This means making a profit and/or making an impact.  Your business strategy is your blueprint towards realising your purpose. We work with you on 

  • Strategic planning
  • Marketing strategy
  • Risk assessments
  • Team development
Stakeholder Engagement

Our Government Stakeholder Facilitator helps businesses get faster results. This suite of services is geared towards getting your development plans and municipal approvals through the Municipality and Provincial Departments with less delay. 

  • Development consents
  • Building plan approvals
  • Municipal billing queries

This service is currently only offered in East London and surrounding areas.   

What BDI Management Stands For

At BDI Management, we are all about solutions that support busy business owners, executives and managers.

Our clients trust us to deliver:

  • Balance through our value-adding services, tailored to your needs. 
  • A quality product that you can Depend on to be both professional and cost-effective.
  • Integrity, honesty, trust and ethical decision-making form the foundation of our business and set the parameters for our relationships.

Working With BDI Management

BDI Management supports business owners and managers. Our services can be tailored to any size business, including:

  • Micro Enterprises and Entrepreneurs
  • Professional Services companies and Medium Sized Companies
  • Non-Profit Organisations and Foundations

We are based in the Eastern Cape, but will work virtually anywhere in South Africa.

Unique Packages Designed to Meet Your Needs

We promise to deliver a professional service at a fair price. Speak to us about our money-back guarantee.


The Team

Anne-Lise Bollaert-Davies

Managing Director

Anne-Lise Bollaert-Davies

Stakeholder Engagement

Mzie Lize

Anne-Lise Bollaert-Davies

BDI Management is owner-managed by Anne-Lise Bollaert-Davies.

Anne-Lise has more than 20 years’ experience in planning and economic development, small business and non-profit management, as well as school governance. In addition to a BA Honours degree, Anne-Lise holds certificates in Business Management, Business Coaching and Social Media Marketing.

Anne-Lise’s strengths lie in her ability to communicate simply and pay attention to the details. She has a strategic mind that is balanced by her ability to find practical solutions. She is at once creative and analytical, professional and grounded, dependable and independent.

Anne-Lise is available to assist you with all your 

  • Content creation – copywriting, blogs, social media posts, business plans, annual reports, funding proposals and editing
  • Business coaching
  • Strategic planning 
  • Team development 
  • Management consulting

Mzie Lize – Government Liaison

Mzie is an excellent networker, collaborator and communicator. Through his many networks, Mzie engages in a professional manner that gets things done.

Mzie has collaborated with various government departments and municipalities over the past 10 years, acting on behalf of both the private and non-profit sectors. His ability to clearly communicate the needs of his clients in a non-confrontational manner has enabled him to facilitate the roll-out of many projects.

He is available to assist your business in the follow up on municipal and other government applications across the Eastern Cape. This includes following up on processes such as

  • Property development applications
    • Development proposals
    • Subdivision or consolidation applications
    • Building plans
  • NPO and Trust registrations and amendments
  • Workmen’s’ Compensation queries
  • SETA applications

Elizma Rooi – Administration

Anne-Lise is supported by Elizma Rooi. Elizma is an organised, creative and dependable young woman. And she is a difference-maker who is always ready to lend a helping hand.

Elizma is available to assist you with

  • Debtor management
  • Data capture
  • Minute taking
  • and other administrative functions


Tracey Mclean  – Financial Administration

Former PA to global executives, Tracey provides financial administration and high level administration support.

Ask for Tracey when you need

  • Financial administration support
  • Database management
  • Client liaison

Expert Consultants

Additional skills are sourced through our network of freelancers. This allows us to tailor our solutions to your unique brief. You can be confident knowing that, even when additional people are working on your project, when our solution reaches you, it has been approved by Anne-Lise. This means that instead of you needing to hire multiple people to do the work that needs to be done, you only hire one. And, you get the exact skills that you need.


We provide the back office team to help you flourish.  

Client Reviews

We recently had a workshop function that was hosted and led by Anne-Lise from BDI Management. The workshop flowed seamlessly and the interaction between all parties was excellent. The setup and manner in which BDI led the workshop made all parties relaxed which allowed interactions between the managers, senior and junior staff to take place. This allowed for open and frank discussion being had, which otherwise wouldn’t have happened. In the end all parties could express their views and felt heard and new procedures were set forward that will be implemented to improve the workflow within the company. Thanks to BDI for their involvement.

Andre van Niekerk

Director, NPM Geomatics

Thank you, Anne-Lise, you did everything effortlessly despite challenges and limited resources.

Theresa Moila                                                    Eastern Cape Education Development Trust

Anne-Lise has in recent months started assisting us with streamlining and updating many aspects in respect of our Human Resource Department because we simply could not manage it on our own due to the volume of work we deal with on a daily basis. It has been invaluable and extremely helpful because she got to know all our employees, brought about an independent fresh perspective, and has played a key role in assisting with staff reviews, staff recruitment and ensuring that well managed systems are in place. I am extremely grateful for this ongoing support.

Sonnette Stander

Kei Commercial

BDI Management supports business growth

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